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ยท 3 min read
Travis Johnston


Developing sustainable personal care products can be an extremely time-intensive, expensive process. It can become even more complicated when you add in the ambiguous regulations that are being put into place regarding environmental friendliness. Whether your brand has been committed to sustainability for decades or you are in the process of developing your first biodegradable product, we can help. One example of this is our work with Babo Botanicals.

Since 2010, Babo Botanicals has been innovating at the forefront of sustainable personal care products and has become a well-respected, trusted brand due to this leadership. They once again demonstrated leadership by voluntarily testing the biodegradability of their mineral sunscreen. Babo Botanicals even went one step farther and published the results of their biodegradability testing on their blog to show the biodegradability levels of their sunscreen.