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ยท 3 min read
Travis Johnston


Soap is a staple in our daily lives, but did you know that many soaps found in the market today can have a negative impact on the environment? That's because many soaps are made with ingredients to boost their fragrance, color, or foaming capability. These added ingredients can take many years to break down in select environments. This can lead to pollution of waterways and the formation of harmful algae blooms.

Enter biodegradable soap. Biodegradable soap is made from ingredients that are able to be broken down by bacteria and other living organisms in a much shorter period of time. While the entire carbon footprint of each product (ingredient sourcing, land use, water use, packaging, etc.) still needs to be taken into consideration, biodegradable soap certainly has a higher likelihood of being the more environmentally friendly option. Due to this, it is no surprise that consumer preferences and regulatory bodies have begun to favor soap that can breakdown easily in the environment and is sustainably sourced/packaged. In fact, the entire organic soap market is expected to rise to $383 million by 2025.