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Personal Care Product Polymer Materials Screening Test for Lubrizol

Although this is not an official collaborative work of Aropha with Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., as a side project, our founder has been working with Lubrizol for two years for testing their hybrid polymer samples synthesized for manufacturing personal care products.

Mainly based on standard guidelines OECD 301B and 301D, their newly synthesized materials have been very well tested at a relatively large capacity, at 10-16 samples each month (batch).

In addition to traditional screening tests from batch to batch, we have also examined a number of factors to optimize the systems such as different types and concentrations of inoculum, various reactor sizes, dissolved oxygen measurement approaches, and inorganic carbon measurement.


This has been a great opportunity for our founder to get to know the customers' needs, including both commercial test and scientific research. Our founder was also inspired to employ a number of new technologies including robotics and automation to improve the throughput and decrease the analysis cost at Aropha.

This has been a very important starting point of Aropha Inc.